Burning Barn Spiced Rum

Burning Barn Spiced Rum


You’re going to get a massive hit of toasted coconut, vanilla and molasses.
It’s going to feel smooth, rounded, full of aromatic allspice and a spike of chilli on your tongue, followed by a long, warming ginger finish.


Because Burning Barn use only the finest whole spices – and no artificial additives or flavourings – to make a uniquely grown-up spiced rum.
They roast a mix of whole spices – vanilla, coconut, chilli, ginger and allspice – in three-metre wide, heavy copper pans that are traditionally used for toffee making.
Once it’s ready, they infuse the aromatic mix directly into theirr special blend of rums, before reducing to bottling strength.

Burning Barn Spiced Rum
70cl, 40% Abv